Let’s start with Naruto’s training. That’s not where all the ‘real’ action is at the moment, but they did name the series after him.
His training continues, as you can see in the pic. Many whacks to keep him from frogging out.
He attempted to use
the multi-shadow clone technique, but it didn’t work. The Elder Toad only allowed him 3 clones, because if any of them went fully-toad, the training would be over.
So the Elder Toad played Whack-a-Mole on the many Narutos. Then he told Naruto that this training only works if the individual is gutsy enough to stick with it, and possesses alot of chakra. So Naruto proceeds to jump completely into the pool of Frog Oil, which will help him completely sense all natural energy around him…. and probably turn him into a toad faster than Elder Toad’s stick can whack it out of him. Always interesting, keeping up with the hyperactive-ninja.

Now onto the Sasuke front. As predicted by yours truly, attacking this guy one at a time FAILED. Sasuke got stabbed, and his 2 buddies came to his rescue. The girl, who still remains nameless in my eyes, pulled him away. She then told Sasuke to bite her arm, and screamed when he did. One person who could actually read the original claimed that this was a sort of ‘cry of passion’ at the bite…. yeah….
Well biting into her chakra flow, Sasuke was immediately healed of the stab wound. Then the team did the unthinkable, and attacked 8-tail together. Brilliant! He ran off from them, hoping to escape because apparently the fight didn’t interest him anymore. But the girl can also sense people’s chakra, and immediately located him. This issue ended with 8-tail saying he was going to ‘Release Number Eight!’. No telling if this is another, better sword. Or he’s going to actually unleash all his chakra and partially transform. There’s no telling with this guy. I don’t know if it’s because he’s a rhyming fool, or wears some cool kind of eye shades, or what. But I like this guy and don’t really want to see Team Hawk win the day. At least not the first time around. This also could be a subconscious assigning of the title ‘good guy’ to 8-tail, simply because he’s fighting Team Hawk, which is an extension of Akatsuki, the ‘bad guys’. Meh.