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I knew with school starting up and trying to maintain near a full-time schedule at work that this blog was going to take a backseat to life. Not to mention that on occasion… life is just boring. Boring life indicates zero new things to blog about.
But enough with the excuses. This is about plans! I recently installed a few applications that I’ll be reviewing a little later. I have 2 past weeks of Naruto I could summarize… but technically the only person that read those is that same person I actually talk to about Naruto. If you really want to experience Naruto for yourself instead of reading my lame summary, go to and check out the most recent scanlations. That’s where I go for all my updates. Always neat.
And remember, even if I’m not actively updating this, my Shared Items page (linked to in the left bar) is always being updated. I have subscribed to lots of news and tech feeds, and share every one I find interesting enough to share. This includes pics, videos, and all sorts of stuff like that. The two most recent ones of big interest was a web comic making fun of Apple (always a good practice, and included in this post), and a youTube AMV synced with Code Monkey. Code Monkey is a hilarious song anyone who has ever coded will find hilarious.
Post to follow: OpenDNS.
Pleasant days to all.