I have a really big problem with all of these bailout packages that the government believes it has to do to keep our economy stable. The first thing is that there are not near enough restrictions as to what the company must do to with the money that they will be given. A good majority of these companies are spending the BILLIONS of dollars that they receive on executive bonuses and trips. AIG is extremely guilty here. The first bailout they received went to bonuses and a executive board trip. Oh and now they want more!! It is ENRON all over again, only they are doing it legally!! Maybe if some of these companies had decided to save and invest more of there money then the economy would not be in such terrible condition. Instead at the first sign of trouble everyone cuts employees. Has no one ever taken a economics course. Supply and Demand!!! There will be no more demand if people do not have money. People will not have money if they do not have a job. So if GM or AIG or anyone else lays of Mr. Johnson, then Mr. Johnson cuts back on his spending and then Starbucks closes, because they are not getting the money that Mr. Johnson and his fellow 3000 co-workers were bringing in. Escalation!!!!
Not only are the big time employers to blame, but also the media. If the media had not been saying that the stock market was going to crash for the last 2 years then people would not have gotten so nervous and stopped spending there money. (Do you see where this is going? If not then reread the above paragraph please!) I know that it is not quite as easy as I am saying, however if bigger companies were not giving extreme bonuses to there “top dogs” and saving some of there money for the hard times, then maybe this would not have happened or at least it would have curtailed the crisis. The media is the media and will never take responsibility for there actions so I will just stop talking about them now before I blow a heart valve.