User update translates to: Michael is a dumb-dumb. I’ve been using AVG for quite some time to protect my computers in my home. It’s fast, it’s free, it runs in the background, it’s free… you catch my drift. Anyway, for the last week or so I’ve been getting an error reading “Invalid Update Control CTF File” every time I tried to get a security update for AVG. Now it bothers me slightly to think that my free software I’ve invested nothing in is having a tough time doing an awesome job. So, in my first free moment that I thought about it, I searched the web for a solution. And you betcha; lots of other people were having this same problem. The first link I clicked on happened to be the gold mine of them all. It’s a Windows helping blog (kinda like mine, but better and less personal). Not only did they link to the conversation about it in the AVG forums — the first place any self-respecting geek would look… — but they also wrote a handy-dandy automated script to find the pesky files and remove them. And don’t worry about security on this one. I know a touch of VB and read it over; it actually checks which operating system you’re using, then finds the appropriate files that way.
I’m sure we were all aware that XP and Vista had different folder structures, right? 🙂
It’s okay. I didn’t notice for awhile. Early on I was temporarily confused that ‘My Documents’ just got changed to ‘Documents’. Guess since I can see them, they must be mine? Neato.

“Invalid Update Control CTF File”

So here’s the link to that lovely post I mentioned. From there you can download the script I mentioned, or read the AVG forums I mentioned. So that about covers it.
Pleasant virus-free days to all.