So Naruto’s let loose 6 of the tails. Odds are he’s not really attentive to his actions right now and the fox spirit is mostly in control. Looks like Tsunade put some kind of sealing spell into the crystal that she’d given Naruto. After he transformed into the 6-tail form, tentacles of energy popped out of the crystal to bind him. Pain thought he was going to get off lucky and the crystal would seal it away without a fight.
But the demon fox is too strong. He crushed the crystal and attacked Pain. Thinking to avoid the attack, Pain tried to repel him. But instead the demon dug his nails into the ground so well that the force of the attack pushed against Pain! Muahahahaha! So Pain flew into a rock face and got his clothes all torn up.
Then Naruto was building up some ball of chakra energy in front of his mouth. It contained immense destructive power, but got shot off into the hills because Pain hit Naruto with a big fricking rock. And then Pain starts running, apparently directly in Nagato’s direction.
Meanwhile, Sakura notices the danger of Naruto being in the 6-tail form and tells everyone to back away very far because he can’t control himself in this form. When Pain starts to run off, she mentions rushing in to rescue Hinata. Hinata was seen whispering Naruto’s name, so is presumably still alive (please let her still be alive). Sakura wonders where Yamato is to seal the demon away again (which is exactly what I said last week).
Then sure enough, we flash to Yamato! Kai, Yamato, and that one girl Orochimaru trained back in the day are trying to track Kabuto. Kai has used his ink summons to find Kabuto’s exact location and they’re just about to pounce on him… when Yamato looks at his hand and sees the number 6. Apparently he had some sort of chakra tracker to alert him of his reponsibility to seal the demon fox away. So he calls off the mission and alerts his team they need to return to the village immediately.
Did I mention Yamato last week? Did the writers hear me? Yay for my good guesses.
Anywho, after some running Nagato says that head Pain (whom he calls God Realm) is close enough. Then head Pain turns to unleash a hidden attack against the demon-Naruto called Chibaku Tensei. I don’t speak Japanese, so I have no idea what that translates to. It was stated in the last frame on the last page of the volume. So it will probably be the first thing we see next week. At least I hope so.