Good to see the 4th has such a wonderful sense of humor and loves his son. The demon-fox (brilliant creature of evil that he is) tells the 4th to come closer so he can tear him to shreds. His response is a rather obvious, “threatening to rip me to shreds is not exactly motivation to come closer, is it?”
So the 4th tells Naruto that he’s his dad. Naruto starts crying in happiness. The 4th snaps his fingers and takes them to a quieter place in Naruto’s consciousness. It’s actually a big empty space devoid of anything but them. I’m sure a joke could be made about the idea I’m sure Naruto has a lot of empty space in his head. But I digress.The 4th starts talking to Naruto… and Naruto gut-punches him! Way to go with the loving father-son memories, tard. He’s mad because his own father sealed the demon-fox in him and caused him so many years of trouble. His father apologizes for sealing 1/2 (???) the demon chakra in him and for his cluelessness thanks to the 3rd Hokage telling everyone not to talk about it. The 4th figured a couple things: Naruto could use the chakra (like he does normally) as a positive weapon, and that it would keep a super-powerful ninja from using the demon-fox. The 4th knew there was a ninja controlling the demon-fox’s attack, and identified him as Tobi. He also figures that Tobi is using Nagato’s hatred of Konoha to use him against it. Apparently from within Naruto’s consciousness the 4th knew about the masked ninja. And that Jiraiya had been killed. And that Konoha village was blown up. He told Naruto to find his own answer to how to rid the world of hatred. Jiraiya’s answer was apparently undeserved forgiveness. Naruto says he simply can’t forgive Pain for what he’s done. The 4th says his chakra is fading (did he implant a nugget of his strength in Naruto’s consciousness for this emergency??) so he patches the seal to hold the fox, then vanishes.
Meanwhile on the outside, earlier in the chat Pain saw that the 8-tailed mostly demon-Naruto was escaping his Chibaku Tensei. He started focusing his strength to increase the size and force to pull the fox back in. He was amazed at how strong the fox was.
Then after the seal was fixed and the 4th faded, the demon stuck in the rock ball disappeared. Pain looks up amazed that it vanished so quickly… and sees a very determined Naruto standing on the outside of the rock ball. Looking cool.
The teaser text says that the Pain/Naruto fight comes to a head in the next volume. I’m wondering if he’s going to let Pain go or if he’s found the strength to destroy the last corpse.
Also, I’m very much more confused about everything the 4th said. How does his chakra fade if he’s dead? How can he see all these things through Naruto? Why did he never surface earlier to dole out sage advice to Naruto, or to warn of Tobi’s true identity? Where is the other half of the demon-fox’s chakra if Naruto only has half? Why hasn’t he aged?? So many questions….