So Nagato continues his monologue. To recap, the first big tragedy in his life is two random leaf ninjas killing his parents in front of him.
Nagato wakes up to find both leaf ninja also dead, and later realizes that it was his blooming powers that killed them (we don’t get to see how… shucks). He sets off on his own and quickly runs out of food. Begging from people doesn’t work because wherever he is in his country, most people are apparently starving.
A dog starts to follow him. He names it Tiny.
He’s about to collapse from starvation… when Konan offers him a chunk of bread and takes him and Tiny back to their lair. Yahiko (the kid who eventually became head Pain) is there and complains about Konan bringing back anyone. Turns out they’re all war orphans.
They survive chiefly by stealing food from town markets and such.
One day they’re heading back to their lair in the rain (this is the Rain Country, after all) and Nagato asks Yahiko if he has dreams. Yahiko tells him that he has a big dream: to rule the world! He plans to do whatever he wants, like end wars. Nagato makes the comment ‘you will be just like a God’…. right before the ground near them explodes.
Tiny is hurt. They look to see ninjas battling nearby. It’s the legendary battle between Hanzo and Jiraiya’s team. I’d call them the Sannin, but they didn’t have that title until after this fight. Hanzo names them that after they almost defeat him. Boy he must have been some tough dude to fight off Orochimaru, Jiraiya AND Tsunade. Then again Hanzo is standing on the head of a giant salamander (expected to be his summon), and Jiraiya is being propped up by Tsunade. Oh, and there’s like 15 ninja already strewn on the ground behind Jiraiya’s team. So yes, Hanzo was definitely a super-tough ninja.
So Nagato and the others flee to a safe distance. I’m pretty sure Tiny’s dead. and Yahiko yells that if war is going to continue, he’s going to become the god of this world.
And that’s when Yahiko’s dream became Nagato’s as well.
Oh, and next issue we MIGHT get to hear about Nagato’s other big pain in his life that drove him to blow up the Leaf Village. I certainly hope so. I can only take so many flashback issues before my brain starts to fizzle.