So Nagato’s still mulling over Naruto’s amazing answer to bring peace to the world. He says he wants to make the difference and stop the cycle of hatred that flows the world of ninjas.
Nagato has a series of flashbacks to when he was younger and talking to Jiraiya. He tells Jiraiya a very similar thing to what Naruto just told him. It gave Jiraiya the idea to write the story “The Legend of the Gutsy Ninja”. That was the book here Jiraiya came up with the name Naruto, which was so liked by the 4th Hokage that he named his son after this ‘gutsy ninja’. Turns out Jiraiya dedicated the book to a former pupil of his, Nagato.
Nagato also has a flashback to when he was fighting an assassin. The ninja actually had a headband on that had a big question mark on it, so no clue what village he’s from. But before Nagato killed him, the assassin was spouting about how there would be an endless wave of terrible people like him as long as we lived in this accursed world. And that’s one of the times that Nagato said EXACTLY what Naruto just said.
So Naruto is reminding Nagato of a younger version of himself. He tells Naruto that he will choose to believe in him, then makes a hand-sign to do a ninja ability. END.
I don’t know what move Nagato’s got up his sleeve. My guess is, since he doesn’t seem ultra-mobile in the big chair thing he’s sitting in, he teleports himself everywhere he wants to go. So I’d think he’s getting himself, maybe some Pain corpses, and Konan as far away as he can muster.
At least I’d like to think the ability is something that mundane and acceptable. I’d hate to see Naruto say all those pretty words about peace and all just to get killed out of the blue.