Disney and Pixar have struck again, this time with a gemstone of a film
simply titled “Up”. In this stunning film for all ages, a cranky old man
and an overeager Wilderness Explorer fly to South America in a house
suspended by thousands of helium balloons. On their adventures they meet
up with Dug, a talking dog, and a giant bird affectionately named Kevin.
I truly didn’t know what to expect when I went to see this film. I had
heard early critics of the movie show concern that Pixar might alienate
children by having the main character be an old guy with real-world
problems. But I must say (despite not checking with any of the kids
leaving the theater) that I think they pulled it off beautifully. As my
future wife stated, “In the way that Shrek had jokes for kids with dirty
jokes going over the kids’ heads for parents to laugh at, Up had jokes
kids and adults could laugh at and serious moments adults could connect
with.” Expect if you have a heart to at least tear up during this film.
Typically it takes things like the end of Saving Private Ryan to get me
to shed a tear. This film did it with way less killing.
But the funny parts! Oh it had so many hilarious moments. The title of
this post was inspired by the dogs you probably saw in the previews and
their fascination with squirrels. Since they have collars that allow
them to speak English, you get to hear how they think and their ability
to be INSTANTLY distracted by movement out of the corner of their eye,
which is always a squirrel. On a side note, while squirrels are
adorable, they are also very evil. I just did a search for “squirrel
knocks out power”, and got back over 81,000 results. They apparently go
on kamikaze missions to knock out the electricity in entire
neighborhoods. One story actually had 2 squirrels in neighboring states
killing power within an hour of each other. Which would imply to me
they’re organizing… Be watchful.
But I digress.
I hope you guys enjoyed this movie as much as I did. It’s a great
combination that I hope many other movie-makers start taking advantage
of. We keep hearing about how we’re being desensitized by violence on TV
and in video games, and even I appreciated being reminded that there is
a heart still beating within.
“A time to laugh and a time to cry.” Ecclesiastes 3:4a

Click here to see the official trailer. Unfortunately they decided to disable embedding, so I can’t just paste it in here. SORRY. Also, future wife stated plainly “Up’s way is better than Shrek’s way.”