The Book of Eli poster

I don’t know if this post will get out in a timely manner. I recently went to see The Book of Eli, and was greatly surprised.
The film stars Denzel Washington, Mila Kunis, Michael Gambon (the new Dumbledore), Michael McDowell (known by voice and an appearance in Heroes tv show), and Gary Oldman. Gary Oldman’s that actor that’s been in everything, and people still have a problem remembering his name. Sirius Black and Commissioner Gordon spring to mind immediately.
Basic plot is Eli (played by Denzel) is a simple man in a post-apocalyptic world. His goal is simple: head west. He carries with him a bow with arrows, a pistol, a canteen that occasionally has clean water in it, an mp3 player, and a Bible. Of all his possessions, he seems most protective of his Bible, reading it regularly and trying to keep others from seeing he even has it.
It turns out that Eli’s Bible is the last one in the world. After the apocalyptic war, some people (never labeled who) go around making it their business to find and burn every Bible. Somehow they missed Eli and his copy.
Carnegie (played by Gary Oldman) runs a simple town, and returns the harshness of the world by allowing shooting innocent people and running a whorehouse. He remembers the good old days before the war, and he specifically recalls the POWER the Bible held over people. He decides to make it his mission to find a copy of the Bible, thinking it will naturally draw people to him and then they’ll do whatever he wants.
That’s all I’m saying. I could give more the of the plot away, but I know some of you might actually be interested in seeing this movie. The main reason I’m writing this is because this is the first Hollywood movie in a while that portrayed a good Christian. Eli is a good man by anyone’s standards. He trusts God and God’s purpose for everything. He doesn’t hold other people to higher standards than he does himself. He knows the Bible well enough to quote it regularly. He does this without sounding preachy, or getting on the other character’s cases about their indiscretions. He doesn’t seek violence, but when confronted with it seeks only to protect himself from those wishing him or innocent others harm. I really liked this movie and its surprise ending. But what I really loved was how GREAT this character was. In this harsh, apocalyptic world where people are doing horrible things just to survive, he stands as a pinnacle of righteousness. He doesn’t fall into any of the stereotypical Hollywood views of Christians.
My hope is that this movie will do really well. It has a great cast and an interesting story. It should attract a lot of people. It’s not a Christian movie, but a movie about a Christian, so it stands a chance. And I hope that others enjoy the story as much as I did.