As we venture away from the likes of QC, XKCD, and OOTS, the webcomics will be less and less good about regular updates. Those 3 set the bar high in that their artists are full-time. Most others are done by people with a job and family like they’re working around in order to draw their comic.
Today’s comic, Anti-Heroes, is a prime example of that. It is drawn by a college student who is randomly too busy to update. A month could go by with only one new page being released. That being said there is over 200 pages done, and a very good back story already established.
In first entering the webpage, you’ll notice very quickly that the art style is identical to that of OOTS. And there’s  a very simple reason for that. This comic is entirely inspired by OOTS. I think it even says so in the header.
What makes this strip unique, even if its art style matches another, is the direction it takes. Instead of following the stereotypical group of good guys, we follow “the bad guys”. These include a ghost, a tiefling (red devil), a vampire, and a guy in a hooded black robe. The black hooded guy is usually the center of the storyline, or at least the one that keeps things moving. The man with the plan and arguably the leader of the group, Aldran is a powerful spellcaster and necromancer. The story follows Aldran as he resurrects a rogue into a vampire, recruits a team, and tries to save the world (sort of). Does it count when a minor evil tries to keep a larger evil from taking over everything? Does that still count as ‘good’?
Like the other comics, I follow this one through its RSS feed, so I don’t have to regularly check the main page for updates. This comic may not be as good as OOTS is, but I think it has some serious potential. In all fairness, OOTS did have a pretty big head start. And there’s no marketing campaigns behind this one, so every other page isn’t littered with over-priced mugs, t-shirts, and mouse pads to support the artist! I don’t begrudge these guys trying to make a living, but after every single page has a top and bottom and side banner for your swag, it gets a little tiring. Even to fans such as myself, it can be tiring.