I just finished reading through the archives of DnDorks and I have to say I’m impressed. Like earlier comments mentioned, this one centers around gaming in a Dungeons & Dragons fashion.
Okay, I may not have read each one. I got close though. The artist likes to chase rabbits on occasion and instead of sticking with the story or even the usual characters, he’ll draw one discussing a type of Dungeon Master or Player that is terrible to play with. They are informative, especially if I had any interest in ever gaming like this.
What I like about this comic verses Anti-Heroes and Order of the Stick is it actually talks about the people sitting at the table to play. OOTS will occasionally break the 4th wall and mention that people are playing a game. I think A-H only breaks the wall by saying “we do that in this comic?”, but never so far as to talk about the people playing the characters.
In DnDorks we have a group of people with a variety of experience, and watching how they feed that into their characters gives it a higher level of amusement. One person is very serious about role-playing, so when she’s “in-game”, the only dialogue she responds to is what the other characters would actually know and say. She doesn’t talk about rolling dice or hit points or any of that. Then to be more cutting edge, they actually have a jock playing in the group. Sure enough, he’s the warrior. He tried to be a pirate once, but it failed quickly.
Another neat little twist is that the gaming world is starting to bleed into the real world. So one day they go into the DM’s basement and find a dungeon and a bunch of kobolds waiting to ambush them. It’s a real hoot. The art style is a little more “cute” than some of the others. It’s not shooting for realism like QC or stick-figure designs like OOTS and A-H.
Overall I think it’s a fun little webcomic to follow. The artist doesn’t have a numbering system for his archives, so if you can’t get through them all in one sitting (which would be a couple hours, depending on reading and browser speed), be sure to write down the publish date of the last one you looked at. The titles are a crapshoot, if it has a title at all, and they span multiple years.