I’m starting to give the impression that the majority of people who draw webcomics are also the kind of people who like role-playing games, aren’t I? Well shucks. I promise you that’s far from true. I have seen many that were centered on life, frustrations, drama, and all manner of other topics. But it seems that I haven’t been drawn in by those comics as much as these. Well, in all fairness, one of the comics I followed was translated from Korean to English. That was a VERY interesting story dealing with cloning and human trafficking. But it also took forever to follow, and the series has ended. The artists have moved on to other projects, which I can’t easily enjoy until they translate it into English or I learn Korean. So that’ll be awhile.
On to today’s webcomic for discussion: Erfworld! It started out being hosted on the same website as OOTS (giantitp.com), but eventually grew so big and different that they moved to their own site. To make it easy to find, they even named the site erfworld.com. It’s almost like they WANT you to find it easily and follow it!
In this comic we follow the (mis-)adventures of Parson Gotti. Parson is an unsuspecting Game Master. He leads a boring life. He works at Kinko’s, his car is a deathtrap. He even draws a webcomic that might have 8 visitors in a single day. His only true outlet is running games. He loves it. He absorbs military strategy guides and rules and all of that. He’d be the perfect general, if only he could get into one of the games he runs.
And of course there just happens to be an alternate universe at just that moment looking for a perfect warlord to lead their army. It’s a funny world with giant spiders and stuffed bears and marshmallow peeps. These are the big tough creatures they fight with and ride. It’s a very odd world, and as Parson explores it, we start to learn the rules and complications along with him. They have all kinds of magic like Thinkamancy (telepathy), Croackamancy (necromancy), and Foolamancy (illusions). There are a ton of rules and a steep learning curve, because Parson’s new troops are in the middle of having their castle sieged.
Overall it’s a unique thing to read about a real (well, written like a real) guy who gets pulled into this ridiculous world with all its rules and watching him trying to make the best of it. They even do battle in turns!
There are a couple adult concepts sprinkled in here and there. It’s nowhere near as risqué as QC is, but I just wanted to offer a small warning. If it’s a news flash to you that there are people in the world that… *ahem*, like getting hit… then there’s a chance you should wait a few years before reading through this one.