I’ve been writing online for around 2 years now. Looking back at the archive, it amazes me I’ve written that much. And some of it was pretty good stuff. But maybe you’re new here and don’t feel like digging through the archive. FEAR NOT! I looked back at my posts for June 2009 and found the best photo, best video, and best original post. And I bring them here to you. All you have to do is click on the link for it if it sounds interesting.

Photo from June 2009:
Best Venn Diagram Ever
This summer has reminded me just how true the sentiment portrayed in this diagram is. Love it.

Video from June 2009:
Yes, I’ve Had That Kind of Week – SNL People Getting Punched In The Face
The longer I work around some of the same… annoyances… the more I feel that this should be the acceptable way to solve problems.

Original Post from June 2009:
Text Services Collection
This is actually a single post that connects to a family of others that talk about some of my text messaging services. A year later, I still use 4 of these daily. Mosio has faded away, mostly out of guilt. I wasn’t able to contribute to answering other people’s questions, so didn’t feel right submitting my own. Buxfer I use heavily, and Evernote has been getting used to store my blog drafts. I’ll check it over there, then add pictures and videos in WordPress.