Wow... watch the opinions of this film go down the drain

We have all seen at least one movie that, when it was finished, we look around to the other people we watched it with and ask, “Why on earth did we think that was going to be worth the money?” The title of this one really should have given it away as a truly horrific film. But then, we all hold out that hope that something will be so bad that it loops back around to being kind of good. Some of my favorite movies fit into that category. This one does not.

Hot Tub Time Machine stars John Cusack…. and other people. I may have seen a few of them around in other films, but they weren’t significant enough to make note of their name. Oh, the dad from Back To The Future was in it. Crispin Glover is his name, says Wikipedia. I should remember his name, but it’s tough to remember because Glover always makes me think of Danny, not Crispin. Sorry, weird guy from Charlie’s Angels, Alice in Wonderland, and Willard.

The film plot is: 3 middle-aged guys regret how their lives have turned out, so they go up to an old ski resort they went to back in the 80’s. They take along John Cusack’s nephew, who was born in the late 80’s. They all get drunk while lounging around in a hot tub, and BAM. The 3 guys end up going back in time, placed into their respective bodies as they were back then. The young guy is there as he is in the present day. Anyway, they basically get a chance to relive some of the mistakes they made, and try to make better decisions hoping to positively affect their futures. SPOILER: it works. And the young guy gets to find out who his father is. What a joy.

The laughs were few & far between, and generally in reaction to something grossly inappropriate. Not a family friendly movie. Just generally tragic, would be how I’d describe it. I typically like John Cusack’s acting, but not in comedies. Wait, now I’m trying to figure out why. The movies I enjoyed him in were 1408 and Runaway Jury. I didn’t remember he was in Con Air until I looked it up. He has been in a lot of other films, but I either haven’t seen them or didn’t enjoy them. Huh.

Anyway, this film succeeded in passing 2 hours during a guys’ night with some friends. That was the extent of its usefulness.