I don’t know what it is about zombies. Recently I’ve found myself playing Resident Evil games, watching Dawn of the Dead, and reading this book. It’s probably a bit too much. I’ll need to start breaking it up to just one zombie-related activity at a time. I mean, when you actually have a discussion with your wife about what to do should the zombie apocalypse happen, you have cause for concern.

By the way, we decided to meet up a redneck friend’s house. He has all the cool guns, cows to eat, and spare bedrooms. Now if he can just remember to not shoot us and take our food  when we drive up…

This book is told in a very interesting fashion. The author writes it as if he’s doing interviews of people who survived World War Z, which is what they call it when the zombies were roaming the earth killing and eating and changing people.

He tries to trace the source of the breakouts and finds himself talking to a doctor from central China. From there he branches out and begins talking with people from all walks of life and from all over the globe.

He visits a man in South Africa who devised a cruel philosophy toward it all, basically telling the political leaders to secure a small section of their country and leave the rest to be eaten.

He talks with a woman who was just a little girl in Canada who fled north thinking the cold would kill the zombies, but ends up with a group of humans desperate to survive thru the harsh winter they weren’t properly prepared for.

He talks with all these different people from all continents, and it really does make you wonder how each of the groups in existence today would react to a global meltdown like that. Some would shut themselves away. Some would seek the open ocean. Some would prepare for war, but find themselves facing an enemy unlike any they have fought before. Heck, some even move to a rich guy’s mansion and become part of a reality show to ‘watch how celebrities deal with the crisis’. That chapter was funny in a sad way, because I know humanity is capable of something that foolhardy, if even just to distract from the horrible nature of what they’re facing.

Wherever you’re from, there’s a chance he mentions how your country reacted to the zombie outbreak. You can read it out of curiosity, to see if the author insulted your country by thinking you would react in away you could never see happening. Or like me, you could find the author doing quite well in painting how ugly or beautiful mankind can be when faced with truly horrific circumstances. I wouldn’t say my life is better for having read it, but it was interesting to have a work of fiction make me think so much about how things are in reality.