Oh, this one was fun. It was great going to see a movie with my dad. We haven’t had a ton of father/son time recently, and finding a common enjoyment in gratuitous action and ugly aliens was nice.

Most all of us by now are familiar with this series. It has had its ups and downs. The first predator, starring the now-Governator Arnold, was probably pretty ground-breaking for its time. I wouldn’t know because I wasn’t around for the film’s heyday. Arnold played a member of a joint task force that was in the area of the jungle where a space ship landed. Thus follows the death of all his teammates and his eventual strategy building as to how to kill the perfect hunter. The Predator, an alien from a race that prides themselves on battle and killing, has come to earth to start some crap. He sees in the infra-red, has a laser cannon on his shoulder, a long retractable blade for hand-to-hand combat, and can turn fricking invisible. His toys don’t end there, but that’s the majority of them.

After the first film we got Predator 2, starring Danny Glover as a police officer in Los Angeles. A Predator has descended on the city, making sport of any gunfights he stumbles upon between the cops and the city’s gangs. Danny has to slowly unravel the mystery as large groups of armed people keep turning up dead, and even some cops are being hunted by an invisible killer.

Then the series takes a nice 14-year break. From 1990 to 2004, no one made anything to do with these fellows. Then someone was drunk one night, and said in front of a Hollywood writer, “hey, *hiccup* what if… the predators and the aliens were in the same world? How EPIC would that be?” Okay, it probably didn’t happen that way. No one was saying ‘epic’ in 2003. So they made a film with the predators and those nasty spitting aliens from the Aliens series. I never watched those movies. I got the distinct impression I would dislike all of them. So yeah, the predators used humans back before Mayan times to breed Aliens, then hunted and killed the elusive creatures for sport. A battle scene is shown where the Aliens sweep the world, and the predators eventually blow up their base of operations. This saves the humans that are left elsewhere while removing the Alien menace from our planet for a couple thousand years. I saw this movie and actually liked it. The battle between these 2 strong alien races, with humans caught in the middle, was my kind of movie.

I completely skipped watching Predator: Requiem. It looked kind of lame from the previews. Looks like it was a sequel to the 2004 film. Oops.
Now we find our way to Predators, the newest one. For this film they ignored the entire drunken idea of mixing the Aliens and Predator universes. In this film we find a group of killers from our world stranded in the middle of an unfamiliar jungle. They’re each given weapons to their own unique style of fighting. They grab a mix of humans from Sierra Leone, Mexico, Russia, Japan, Israel, and a few from the US. Luckily everyone spoke English, eh? The bulk of them were from the US: Adrien Brody the mercenary, a death row inmate, and Topher Grace as a doctor. No idea why they got a doctor. Maybe the aliens figured this group would need some medical assistance. Laurence Fishburne shows up later, but I’m not telling you why. Well this rag-tag group of miscreants are armed to the teeth, but still find themselves caught off-guard by the whole situation. As is the formula, they’re picked off one by one as the Predators play mind games with them and tear their group apart, figuratively and literally.

Of course this movie has violence and gore. Probably some language as well. There’s also a crazy guy. If you don’t wish to expose your children to a crazy guy, don’t watch this movie with them. I recommend it to adults who like this type of movie. The series has been around almost as long as I have.