A recent explosion in the blogging world has been people with limited artistic skill adding crappy pictures to their posts. They don’t draw well, but they do at least have a developed style. I sincerely love this idea, and if I could even succeed in drawing crappily, I’d join right in. But alas, I suck to a level of gross inconsistency unless I spend hours with a pencil & eraser and all my mind focused on it. TOO MUCH WORK.

Moving along; one of the earlier folks to do this with great success was The Oatmeal. His webpage mixes a wonderful style of posts covering all sorts of things, but his pictures are what will keep drawing you back for more.

He breaks his posts into three sections: Comics, Quizzes, and Misc. Misc is where you’ll find some of the more interesting story posts. He talks about horses and his desire to eat them, how an octopus is more awesome than your mother, his swallowing of a horsefly as a youngster, and even how Twilight is completely retarded and how it’s gone about doping the women of America into thinking it’s the greatest thing since the ball-point pen.

borrowed from for the sake of pimping

Quizzes is a fun little section. You know those stupid quizzes your Facebook friends keep taking? These follow that same pattern, but are actually funny. Things like How Many Hungry Weasels Could Your Body Feed, or How Long Could You Survive Chained To A Bunk Bed With A Velociraptor. I’ll give you a hint: no one completely survives. I’ve played with those quiz results over and over. I think my real answer was about a minute and a half. I probably was getting chewed on at 30 seconds, but it took the animal a minute to get to anything vital. Yay chewy fat prolonging my misery!

Now Comics are where The Oatmeal truly shines, and it is here that it first came to my attention. I think one of the tech sites I follow shared one of their comics, likely this one, and it was funny enough that I followed the link back to the site. Lo and behold a jackpot of comic goodness. He does informative comics on occasion, like 15 Things Worth Knowing About Coffee and What Marcellus Wallace Looks Like. That last one I mentioned is definitely not kid friendly. It’s basically a creative link to a clip from Pulp Fiction. That movie I just mentioned is DEFINITELY not kid friendly.

The most recent Comic I found very scary and very funny was about How The Male Angler Fish Gets Completely Screwed. Seriously, that guy has a very tough time of it. Makes me glad I was born human.