So for the past week my lovely wife and I enjoyed a marvelous vacation to Branson, Missouri. More photos and details will follow for those who know me on Facebook, but for the rest of you (and as a teaser to the Facebook crowd) I’m posting some pictures on here.
Now appearance and likeness is important to some folks. I have posted my face on this blog a few times, including some videos I did way back in the day. Best not to go back and watch those. They’re painful. But in trying to avoid showing my wife’s or my face again on here, this photo tour shall be guided by our tour guides, also known as Cuddles the Duck and Fox Leon. If you can’t tell which one is which, get help.
Our first stop was on the drive South to Branson. It was to enjoy the awesomeness that is Fantastic Caverns. This is located near Springfield, and it’s the only drive-thru cave in Missouri (or so the tour guide said). I’d show you some of the cool pictures from inside the cave, but some didn’t turn out too well from low lighting. And besides, apparently the tour guides are afraid of the dark, so they didn’t show up in the cave photos.
Next we went to our hotel, which was the Comfort Inn at Thousand Hills. They’ve learned from the cruise lines that people like cleverly folded towels, so here we have the tour guides posing with the swan we found to greet us. Later I used that swan to dry off water from the swimming pool.
That night we went to Dixie Stampede. They don’t allow cameras inside, so Fox was only allowed to pose with this horse outside. They have signs up saying the horses will bite. Fox Leon is understandably nervous.
The next day we went shopping, then caught the evening show of the Acrobats of China showing at the New Shanghai Theatre. Fox and Cuddles were quite excited.
They, and many of the children present, were inspired to their own acrobatics during the Intermission. I think Fox is displaying a brilliant act of balance on this one.
The next day’s morning activity was supposed to be the Branson Scenic Railway. We woke up early to make the 9AM train run. Then that one got canceled, and we were re-booked for the 11:30 run. We walk around Branson’s downtown district, then I call to make sure the 11:30 is still a go. The lady says yes. We then wait in line for our tickets for 20 minutes, and are informed the air conditioning on the train is out, and the whole day’s runs are canceled. We get a refund. Fox was disappointed.
So we called and made early afternoon reservations for Ride the Ducks. Understandably, Cuddles is concerned by what that means. He then finds out it is an old military vehicle that can drive into the water and becomes a boat. Like a Transformer, or Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, except the tires don’t fold in.
Part of the drive on the Duck is to the dam, where we get a brief version of the Dam tour. Many jokes ensued from this. That night we went to a hole in the wall called Shogun. A very strange place in some regards, but the food was EXCELLENT. See the guy’s hands? That’s his normal speed, and they’re already blurry.
After that we went to church, because even when on vacation a Christian should not forsake the gathering of believers.
Then, the last day in Branson, we stopped by the Butterfly Palace on our way out of town. There were tons of butterflies in a muggy room, along with some short and fat birds that we presumed were kept around to eat the dead butterflies. We also watched a video about this wicked-fast praying mantis and his inevitable luck in getting to eat a butterfly. He looked pleased, and the butterfly had had a good run already anyway.

So there’s a brief summarization of what I’ve been up to the past few days. Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Now back to writing blog posts!