Here we have yet ANOTHER web comic that is based on an RPG world. I give credit to the fact it only fully referenced the fact that it was a game world once. That was when Richard told Cale that he could kill himself and re-roll a Rogue to help them escape from prison.

The story of the “graphic web novel” centers around Cale’Anon. He wants so desperately to be a good guy, but continuously finds himself doing ‘evil’ things around evil characters. He really does have a noble heart and is trying to be better. Unfortunately the first friend he makes is named Richard. Richard is an evil undead mage who enjoys killing innocents and setting things/people on fire. He also happens to be the comic relief, so most of this is done in a funny way. That doesn’t help, does it? Oh well. It’s a comic. Don’t take it so seriously.

Cale’Anon ends up on this big quest to build a kingdom in a forgotten castle. On the way he makes more friends, Benn’Joon (or Benny) the troll priestess is an early addition. Well I think she’s a troll. She looks like a woman, but is green and has 2 prominent lower teeth. She’s probably a half-breed of some sort. Krunch Bloodrage is the meat shield of the group, but he’s also a pretty smart fellow. Pella is a dwarf with an unknown past that allies herself with Cale’Anon, but doesn’t always follow his methods to accomplish tasks.

Their adventures take them to many different places where they keep interacting with different races and societies. There’s a lot to look forward to in this comic. I’m still trying to figure out what’s up with the Bunny that Richard keeps around. Some folks were worshipping it. Just looks like a bunny to me. There was even a stretch of pages where Richard had been shrunk by a spell. He was really kind of cute, throwing little fireballs pointlessly at everyone.