I have tried and played a good number of games. Enough that I figured it might be better to break it into 2 separate posts instead of cramming it all into one. I have many more apps I could talk about, but I hear enough smack talk about gaming options on different platforms that I figured I should start there.

So without further ado, away we go!


Cows apparently want to get abducted by aliens. In this game, you tilt the phone to control a jumping cow. You jump from platform to platform trying to reach the top. At the top is a UFO waiting to take the poor, confused jumping cow away. It’s many people’s first game to download, and is fun watching motherly types tilting the phone in all different directions trying to move that cow along.


This game will be fun for about 20 minutes. You run a pirate bar with different activities available to your patrons. As the customers come in, they want to engage in certain activities. Your job is to route them around to keep the customers as happy as possible to make the most money from them. I have heard there’s a game similar to this where you play a waitress shuffling orders and drink requests and directions to bathroom and taking customers’ money. But this game’s cooler because it involves kick-ass pirates. They do karaoke, play video games, drink beer, throw darts, get massages, and go to the bathroom. The limitation is there are only 10 levels, each taking about 2 minutes to do.

CopyCat Lite

Remember the Simon game? 4 color spots that lit up in a random order playing horrible sounds? It was a memory game that usually got me around 12. Well this is that exact game. Four colors, horrible booping noises, and a memory challenge.


A pointless but interesting app if there ever was one. You know those lightning globes that you can touch and the ‘lightning’ will arch to your finger? Well this does that when  you touch the screen. It’ll even do it over the phone’s main screen, weirding out anyone to whom you hand the phone.

BIC Concert Lighter

I do not go to concerts. But if I did, I imagine this app would be very useful. It displays a lighter. A Bic lighter, in case that part wasn’t obvious. And you can flick the screen near the switch and light the lighter. Then presumably you hold it up in the air and wave it around like you just don’t care how nerdy you look.

Amtalee Lite

I’ve played a game online that was like this. You have a block that you have to move around on the level, flipping and turning it to get it to fall through a hole somewhere in the ground. It gets progressively harder. To be honest I like this game until it gets so hard my brain hurts. Then I stop playing it. Forever.

Sudoku Free

One of the classic games that if you can get it, you might as well have it. Honestly, haven’t played it even once.

Solitaire Free Pack

I played a couple different Solitaire apps, but I like this one the best. Good variety, great price, and it fills time exactly like a good card game should. But with all the other playing options on my phone, I barely ever make time for this one…

So that’s all for now. The name of each app is a link to a site called AppBrain. It’s actually another app that does what the Android Market should be doing and making things a little easier on the user. All of the above applications are free. Some of them have a paid version that offers more levels or harder challenges. But you know me: tightwad to the end. I’ve only paid for one game thus far, and you’ll have to tune in to the next Games post to see what game it is. Pleasant gaming days to all.