I had 3 or 4 books still to read when the summer decided to end on me. I didn’t make as much time as I should have to do some good reading, and I regret that. So here’s a rundown of the stories I read that didn’t make the summer deadline.
Witch & Wizard is one of those super short James Patterson books that he wrote targeting the teenage demographic. This got sure knows how to churn them out too! I read some of his Maximum Ride series and one or two Daniel X books (currently have one of these to read in fact, but left it at home). Witch & Wizard was the first story in what he may turn into another saga.
It’s about two teenage siblings (surprise!) that find out they are a witch and a wizard. Pretty strong ones too. Unfortunately they find this out when government agents break into their house to arrest them after witchcraft becomes illegal and their parents are taken away from them. Thus begins the ‘epic’ tale of their journey to rescue the parents while still learning about their developing powers.
I was generally fine with this book. It was short and a quick read. And they had me interested to read the next one until… right at the end when they mentioned the patents were wiccans. And no, I won’t capitalize it. If you haven’t realized yet from my summer books, I read to get away from reality. Not that my reality sucks. Actually my reality is pretty awesome. I just enjoy the power of stories to transport me temporarily into a world where crazy crap can happen and spunky non-heroes can find the strength within themselves to save the day. And while I’m enjoying this make-believe world where good always triumphs, I’d rather not have it legitimized by talking about a cult of sad girls who think they can follow a witch’s cookbook and actually put a curse on that boy at school that doesn’t talk to her. I know that’s not quite what wicca is, but nonetheless my point is made. I won’t be picking up the next in the series, and that will be why.
I also made a brilliant bookstore discovery with my wife. An author we both read named Walter Moers got another of his books translated into English. You should remember this author; the wife wrote about his City of Dreaming Books, and I wrote about his Rumo. Well his newest story centers around a crat (a cat that can talk) that makes a deal with a crazy town leader named Ghoolion. Basically Echo the crat is about to starve to death, so he strikes a deal where Ghoolion will house, feed, and entertain Echo for a month. At the end of this very well-fed month, Ghoolion will boil the crat down and render off his fat for don’t crat experiment.
It’s a good story. Not one of my favorites by this author, but I still like getting to venture back into Zamonia, the mythical land where all of Moers’s stories take place.
After I read the Daniel X novel I just started, I plan to pick up a Dilbert novel I recently found at a thrift store for a dollar. Yes, I like Dilbert. It makes me think humorous thoughts while crap goes on at work. And speaking of work, my other summer read was going to be a very difficult manual from work. It would, I think, help me learn about how to make what I do help my organization for the long-term. Problem is, even though I want to learn the material, the book on it puts me to sleep. So if I want to get through it, I’ll need to come up with a way to work past that little issue. Any suggestions?
I hope you enjoyed these summer reading posts as much as I enjoyed the books that made them possible. I’ll probably continue reviewing books off & on unless I hear some huge objection. Pleasant reading to all.