So the builder told me if I had an old dryer I was going to need to switch out the cord to a 4-prong instead of the original 3. This should be easy…

-Price compare the cable from a few different stores. Find out that the difference is minimal and buy it from the store I’m currently in.

-Have the movers put my dryer in my garage so I can attach the cable. They haven’t unpacked my tool bag yet, so must borrow theirs. The dryer seemed to be ready for a new cable because it had an unused green wire to match the new one I was adding.

-Have the movers leave without moving the dryer into the laundry room, because I need space to re-attach 3 tubes to the back of the washing machine first. Half a gallon of water ends up on the floor, but it got done.

moving-dolly-286x300-Realize that dolly the movers had made moving heavy things very easy, and remember that I don’t own one. *Sigh*. Put a large piece of cardboard under it and slide it to the laundry room.

-Plug the dryer in before scooting it to its permanent home. It doesn’t work. Turn the knobs into 100 different positions and keep jamming the Start button in hoping it changes its mind. It doesn’t.

-Search for some directions on the 4-prong cord’s packaging. Directions are unhelpful or in Spanish. Would look on the Internet, but that doesn’t get hooked up until later. Where are you when I need you, Internet??

-Disconnect the two ‘hot’ wires and have them switch places, despite the fact the red wire is now connecting to the black position and the black wire to the red position.

-Drop a screw behind the back plate of the dryer. *Swear under your breath*. Ask wife to assist you in removing rear plate to get the screw from the bottom.

It looked like this when we opened the back panel-Get hit with a wave of dust inside the dryer. Find a duster to try to get some off. Find the screw. Connect the wires BEFORE putting the rear plate back on, just in case I drop the screw again.

-Dryer still doesn’t work. Have a EUREKA! moment and go to the garage.

Christmas-VacationTHE CIRCUIT BREAKERS FOR JUST THE DRYER ARE FLIPPED OFF. *Kicking myself hard, realizing I just pulled a Clark Griswold*

The dryer works fine. Haven’t had a need to use it yet, but it’ll be sitting in there… waiting for us… until we need it.