Of course, to say honestly what the title implies, we need loose definitions of “mow”.

And of “yard”.

Here it is, the middle of June, and my builder still hasn’t provided me with a yard. No sod, no seed; they haven’t even graded it. Apparently the whole Indianapolis metro area is suffering a grass shortage due to all the rain we got this Spring and the harsh Winter conditions we had before that. Yea, I’m not buying it. I think we need another sod farmer or two in the area, because this is ridiculous.

I closed on my house in February. They said they don’t start delivering until March.

After not hearing anything, I called them in April. Oh, they’ll have it in May.

May comes around. We’ll have it for you next week.

Next week gets here. “I’ve never, in my 11 years of building in this area, been this behind on yard delivery. I don’t know when we’ll have it ready. Just keep hoping the weather cooperates.”

Meanwhile, houses that have closed this month are getting yards. Hell, if the sod company brought too much sod, they are throwing away rolls of good grass. If they had graded my yard yet, I definitely would’ve swooped in and picked that up.

Which leads me to my next discussion: dumpster diving. We got the idea from my dad. He has a guy in his neighborhood that watches the dumpsters like a hawk. He’s made some incredible finds, like entire kitchen cabinets! They’ll have one thing that’s wrong with them that’s easily fixable, and the builder will pitch the whole thing and order another one.

So we’ve gone on one expedition so far, and I think have another occasion planned for the near future. We acquired a large window frame that we’re planning to use to edge a garden space in the backyard. We also got some additional planks of wood (because they can come in handy for so many things), a bucket (mild cleaning of dried paint was required), and one of those adjustable downspout extenders that go on the drain spouts. So far a decent haul of free stuff, I think. I was really wanting a bucket for some reason. Now I see the construction site across the road from me has thrown away some large sheets of press board. Oh, the possibilities!