Upon finding out that a Hobbit movie was in the works, I decided I simply must go back and reread this classical gem. The last time I read it was in middle school about 12 years ago. The library in the little town of Belton was on its Main Street and they still used microfiche…. And now I feel old.
It will be no surprise to any of you with a literary pulse that this story is still awesome. It seems to me like Tolkien is the king of bunny chasers. By that I mean he can go off on a tangent that has very little to do with the current story and even that bit is wonderful. He adds all these beautiful details to his descriptions. And the Hobbit is a very relatable story. I, too, enjoy eating additional meals, have furry feet, and am extremely put-out when shifted from my normal routine. But poor Bilbo Baggins takes it like a trooper. Well, he doesn’t give up and go back home at least. I would say at least once per chapter, when the party of dwarves and Bilbo are stuck out in the rain or some other miserable circumstance, we get to hear about how the little thief longs for his comfy chair by the fire in his hobbit hole.
Go get this book from your local library and read it before the movies come out. Not so you can turn into some kind of book snob, but just so you can enjoy the written artistry before you’re bombarded with the fantastic costumes and music and acting and set work of the films.
They’ve released a few images of the dwarves already, and one or two of Mr. Bilbo. Already I’m excited.