Every single place I’ve lived, I always note that there are terrible drivers. And I hear others talking about those crazy drivers. They alwasy tend to be other people too.

When I lived in Japan, the Americans all said the Japanese drivers were horrible.

When I lived in Missouri near the Kansas border, I was told the Kansans were crappy behind the wheel. If I saw someone driving poorly, I would make a note of what state their license plate said. Nine times out of ten, they were Kansan.

I’ve now been in Indiana for 8 months, but this morning was really the first time I contemplated just going back home to avoid driving the rest of the week. No less than 5 times I was cut off or my existence ignored. As if making me slam on my brakes was just what needed to be done so these people could dart around like we’re playing bumper cars.

I’m not a fan of fearing for my life. I guess it’s another good reminder to pray. Also, here’s a great idea in picture form: