I am grateful for grass. My first job was cutting the yards of a few of our neighbors and church folk back in the day. For an hour’s work, some exercise, and some gas fumes I was paid the handsome sum of $20. It was a sweet deal.

That being said, I find my own yard to be a hassle. I have mowed it once and had it for all of 2 months and I’m already tired of spending so much time thinking about it. Indiana’s going through a bit of a drought, just like it did last year. So you can quickly distinguish who the folks are that really care about their lawns. Like pretty much everyone in my parents’ neighborhood. They’re all out there watering it daily. My father handpicks the weeds out of his yard.

The yard I was delivered was not as nice as I expected. Some patches of sod died on their own, surrounded by green sod that got just as much water. And then of course the weeds came back. Turned out they were so desperate for sod, they accepted some from a Chicago sod farm. This batch came with weeds of its own to add to the weeds I was growing before the sod came. Hey, I have a green yard. But it’s mostly weeds.

Watching the video attached above seems to have had the effect of sucking my joy at having a yard away. Can anyone recommend another non-invasive ground cover that needs less water? I’d be happy to switch. Then I could save money watering it. Come whenever I decide to sell my house, I’ll pay to have sod laid for the next sap. Sounds fair, right?

I still enjoy all the other benefits of yard ownership: keeping my neighbors at a comfortable distance, having a place to garden this coming Spring, having a back patio to grill on, growing pretty trees and shrubs that don’t need much water, and in the future having a place to play in with kids and pets. These all thrill me. But if my yard completely died today, the HOA wouldn’t grumble, and I wouldn’t be judged by everyone that comes to my house or drives by it…. I’d just let it go.